Fleece production and processors

Fleece production and processors

There are several steps involved to take shorn alpaca fibre in it’s raw form to transform it into the finished product of purchasable and useable alpaca fleece. There are a number of businesses around Australia that also buy and process alpaca fleece. 

Fleece production process


Alpaca fibre needs to be sorted to meet the needs of it processors (classed). The main properties processor asses on are fibre diameter (micron), length and colour.  


All natural fibres need to be scoured (washed). This removes dirt and grease from the fleeces. Alpaca fibre has a low grease content and will yield around 90% of it’s initial fleece weight after scouring. 


Once alpaca fleece is scoured, the individual fibres need to be aligned; this is known as carding. This process will also remove some of the unwanted vegetable matter. 

Top making

The fibres go through a finishing alignment called gilling before being combed into a product known as ‘top’. This top has the appearance of a loose rope without the twist. 

Spinning into yarn

Tops are fed into spinning machines to make yarn for knitting or weaving. This is the last process in the chain before the fabric is manufactured.  


An advantage of alpaca fibre is that the lighter colours are easily dyed to suit contemporary fashion. The natural colours of alpaca are manufactured directly into end products.  

Fleece buyer directory

The House of Alpaca

6 Sowerby St, Goulburn, NSW, Australia, 2580 


Ph: 0409 986 235  


Adagio Mills 

Orange, NSW, Australia, 2800 



Alpaca Fibre Network Australia 

AFN(Aust) was set up in 2013 by a group of Alpaca breeders from around Australia spear-headed by Annette and Keate Woodgate in Victoria and Kerry and Jolyon Porter in South Australia.  The group operate on a not for profit basis so that as much of the return from fleece sales as possible is paid to the grower.

As the name implies, this is a network of alpaca breeders who are working as a team to supply a raw product in a consistent and sustainable way. To help with these goals it is imperative that all breeders abide by the motto of “Breeders helping breeders” to ensure the workload of collecting and classing is not left to a few.

AFN(Aust) has collection points established in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. www.afna.com.au

Annette and Keate Woodgate   0419550826


The operation is set up as a depot shed for the purpose of lot building targeting the wider commercial market.

Unless by prior arrangement all fleece is to be delivered to depot by the grower.  We expect mainline fibre to be supplied individually bagged. We only accept fleece bulk classed by prior agreement.




Alpaca Gear is a Fleece Collection and Classing Service –  “promoting best practice in the journey from paddock to product”. Our focus is to promote best practice in the fleece harvesting process, by providing training in shearing and fleece collection techniques, and by offering classing and marketing options for growers to sell their clip.

Individual fleeces are accepted for classing on a consignment basis.  All fleeces are micron tested and classed by a registered AWEX Wool and Alpaca Classer.  When a classed line of fleece is sufficient to fill a pressed bale, that bale is then offered to market.

Fleeces may be delivered to our collection depots at Kin Kin (near Gympie), Lismore and at our classing facility at Dalveen (near Stanthorpe).


Australian Alpaca Fleece Ltd.

AAFL  purchases alpaca fleece, necks and clean pieces, classed or unclassed, in small or large quantities. This includes suri and huacaya, in ALL grades from the finest to the broadest, and ALL colours including mixed colours.

AAFL receives alpaca fleece at the warehouse in Sunshine West Vic all year-round during business hours.

Selected fleece lots are sold to processors in New Zealand, and  Incalpaca Peru. Other fleece lots are sold to customers in Australia and overseas.


Tel: 03 9311 0933


Australian Alpaca Yarn / Alpaca Ultimate

Fleece purchased buyers of well skirted Huacaya up to 28 micron on a sliding price scale in 2 micron increments on a grid test. 
Fleece is processed into high quality yarn. 

130 Davis Lane, Yass, NSW, Australia, 2582 


Ph: 02 62273158 

Boston Fine Fibres

Boston Fine Fibres is a specialty fibre mill located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.  We specialise in processing small quantities of natural coloured alpaca fleece, occasionally blending it with other natural fibres.

In true ‘paddock to product’ style, we aim to create elite yarns from the finest 2 ply to bulky 12 ply. For those who love the chunky styles, we also create Icelandic- style lopi yarns and super bold rug yarns.

These elite yarns are processed in our eco-friendly mini-mill.  All of the mill’s water and solar energy requirements are harvested from its rooftop and its grey water irrigates our orchard.  No harsh detergents, bleaches or dying agents are used throughout the process.

From time to time, we purchase small quantities of well skirted alpaca fleece of all colours, which is relatively free of vegetable matter.  Evidence of fibre testing may be required and should fall within the range of 18-25 micron, staple length of 80-150 mm and comfort factor above 90%.   Pricing is dependent on colour, quality and local market prices and will be paid on receipt of fleeces.

Boston Fine Fibres is also a collection point for Waratah Alpaca Fibre Co-Op.


Ph: 0417 497 940  


Cashmere Connections Pty Ltd

Currently purchasing all types of alpaca fleece. Visit our web site for information. Contract dehairing & top making services also available. 

Actively developing markets for all fibre types, so will accept and pay for all alpaca fibre. Cashmere Connections is paying for transportation of alpaca fibre from designated transport depots around Australia to Bacchus Marsh. 

4 Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia, 3340 


Ph: 03 5367 4222  


Lang & Duggan Pty Ltd 

Connells Point, NSW, Australia, 2221 

Ph: 02 9547 2112 

Tailored Strands

Fleece purchasedFrom cria to 28 micron fleece used for knitting yarns, garments, wraps, shawls, accessories. 150kg+ per colour preferred but all quantities considered. 
Service providedWholesalers of alpaca knitting yarn and products. 

Tailored Strands, Showroom 120 Ewan Charlesons Rd Allendale Victoria 3364


Ph: 03 5345 6169 

Kelly & Windsor Australia

17 Adrian Road, Campbellfield, VIC, Australia, 3061 


Ph: 03 9357 0116 

Scotch Group

The Scotch Group is a collection Company committed to collecting alpaca fleece, both Huacaya and Suri of all microns and colours.

Scotch Group is excited to be at the forefront of the collection and supply of Australian alpaca fleece for the use in end products from high end fashion, furnishing, duvets, carpets and much more.For a pricing list, consignment form and further details, please contact either Andrew Munn 0408 410 281, info@acalpacas.com or Ian Preuss 0407 931 789 ianpreuss1@bigpond.com.

The Rare Yarns Company

Fleece purchasedAll colours 28 to 24 microns. Usually 300kg lots or bigger. 
Service providedWe proccess into knitting yarn, blankets, shawls, throws. We sell wholesale. 

PO Box 190, Takaka, New Zealand 


Ph: +64 3 525 7335 


G.Schneider & Co, Italy

Buyers of large volumes of fleece of all types / quality. Only interested in large volumes but particularly interested in trialling 1 ton lots of superfine below 18 micron. 



Waratah Alpaca Fibre

Waratah Alpaca Fibre is a member-owned co-operative of Australian alpaca farmers supplying some of the world’s finest alpaca fibre to both Australian domestic and international export markets. Through collaborative farming, Waratah Alpaca Fibre can provide alpaca fleece producers with reliable markets for their fibre and maximise producer returns from the sale of this luxurious fleece.

To assist with collection several members have volunteered to act as collection points all over NSW with advertised collections days. Interested fleece producers should contact Mick at Waratah to discuss drop off times at any of these collection points.These include

  • Mudgee Region – Ravenswood Alpacas – 2272 Queens Pinch Road, Meroo, NSW, 2850
  • Queanbeyan, ACT Region – Boston Fine Fibres , Burra Creek, NSW , 2722
  • New England Region – Green Gully Alpacas, 89 Bretchs Lane , Kentucky South, NSW, 2354
  • Southern Highlands Region – Coolaroo Alpacas, 471 Woodlands Road, Mittagong , NSW, 2577

Interested parties can download the Co-op’s membership form from its website at www.waratahalpacafibre.com.au. The current price list can also be found on the website or by emailing Mick Williams at waratahalpacafibre@gmail.com  

Ph: 0407 407 618 

Fleece processor directory

Adagio Mills

Orange, NSW, Australia, 2800 


E-mail: nadine@adagiomills.com.au  

Alpaca Fibre Barn

190 Hildebrand Road, Cottles Bridge, VIC, Australia, 3099 



Australian Country Spinners

Textile Ave, Wangaratta, VIC, Australia, 3676 


Ph: 03 5721 2111

Boston Fine Fibres

Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia, 2620 


Ph: 0417 497 940

Cashmere Connections

Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 


Ph: 03 5367 4222

Echo Beach Alpacas Fibre Processing Mill

P O Box 1600, Mt Barker, SA, Australia, 5251 


Ph: 0417 672 566

Fibre Naturally

3 Hunt Rd, Macclesfield, VIC, Australia, 3782 


Ph: 0407 729 227

Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill

We process some of Australia’s finest fibres into luxurious yarns and showcase them to the world.

Instagram: great_ocean_road_mill

Facebook: Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill



Humminghills Alpacas

216 Carool Road, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia, 2370 


Ph: 07 5590 7745

Lang & Duggan Pty Ltd

Connells Point, NSW, Australia, 2221 

Ph: 02 9547 2112
Email: favari@bigpond.com  

Macquarie Textiles, Albury (Head Office)

211 East Street, Albury, NSW, Australia, 2640 


Ph: 02 6043 0200  

St Albans

44 Hargreaves Street, Huntingdale, VIC, Australia, 3166 


Ph: 03 9544 7533 

The Fibre of the Gods

716 Bindi Bindi Road (P O Box 1244), Toodyay, WA, Australia, 6566 


Ph: 08 9574 5577