Victoria Central

AAA Victoria Central - a growing region


The Victoria Central and Western Region aims to cater for all breeders through an extensive calendar of events program, which includes shows, displays, open days and training events. Where possible, the VCR attempts to marry its activities with existing community events so as to attract a wide audience. The Region prides itself in actively promoting the alpaca industry and encouraging its members. It has annual alpaca and fleece awards for both huacayas and suris together with incentive awards for first time showers and young breeders.

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Receive timely and reliable information on animal health and welfare as well as biosecurity issues through our alliances with Animal Health Australia and other livestock industries, and veterinary specialists.

We invest in important research and development, herd health and genetic advancement programs, as well as supply chain and marketing initiatives, and provide information and resources relating to the alpaca industry.

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